New Website


I’ve updated my website. 🎉

The old site was made with hand-rolled, static HTML, CSS and JS which was hosted on a VPS. This new site is still static but this time it’s being generated by Jekyll. The look and feel is similar to my old site but, with the help of Jekyll, the site should act like more of a blog going forwards. Using a generator should also make maintaining and updating the site easier going forwards. Examples of some other useful features are using Sass for styling, Markdown for writing posts and pages and Ruby for any additional functionality I need.

Another major change I’ve made is to use GitHub Pages and CloudFlare for hosting which means that the source for this site is visible on GitHub. Initially I was planning on using GitHub’s default implementation for hosting Jekyll pages but after spending a little more time with Jekyll, I felt that having the ability to create custom plugins (and use those not on GitHub’s approved list, e.g. jekyll-minifier) was a big plus. In order to get around this, I need to store the source code on a non-master branch, build the site locally and then push the output to master. Git worktrees provided a nifty was to do this, the result of which can be seen in

UPDATE 17/04/17: I’ve now added a Jekyll generator to produce AMP versions of the posts as well as lazy-loading images and some Ruby, HTML, accessibility and AMP validation tests.

Mar 19, 2017